Intentional Living



I knew from a very early age, there was more to life than what my surroundings and my conditioning from school, church, and family told me. I recognized that what made other people “happy” was not for me. Even as a child, the constructs of those parameters did not align to my desires, my beliefs or my heart. I also knew that I would one day own a business so spent my life preparing for it.

But it was more than that. I knew at a deep level there was great change to make in this world and it was my purpose to help facilitate that change whether macro or micro.


My instinctual knowing forced me to keep seeking and begin creating a life that fully aligned to what I needed and wanted in this lifetime. Early on in my career, I came across a saying that shifted my perspective completely. It said, “Your dream job doesn’t exist. You must create it.” From that moment on, I knew that applied to everything; Life, relationships, career, all of it.

Stop seeking. Start creating.


I dance to the beat of my own drum which is what lead me to where I am today. I choose to lead a very interesting, transformative path and continue to explore what it means to live an authentic life. This meant not following tradition, taking risks and exploring the unknown. I followed my instincts and continued to seek and explore, determined to find a better fit than what I was told to be and do. I have achieved some incredible success to date and am proud of the work I have done but am most excited for the work I have yet to do.

Lucky for you, years of curiosity, discovery, pain, learning and seeking have lead me to this very moment in which I can share tools, resources and process to streamline your path making the journey less complicated. 


Much of my work involves me being a conduit for the person I’m coaching. Because of this, my clients receive a very personal, unique experience offering clarity, understanding and direction. My job is to show up, guide, hold space and share, your job is to be open, receive and reflect. 


With a background working for luxury brands like Tiffany & Co. and Williams-Sonoma as well as my time driving strategic initiatives for the Fortune 1000 at a high growth software company, I’m uniquely equipped to strategically design a plan of action that works best for my clients. I understand service and delivery excellence, extreme demands and creative solutions. Peep my LinkedIn for my experience.

Today, I am a mentor, guide and transformational coach. I'm also a certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach with over 10 years experience helping women improve their lives through customized programs and intuitive services. I help my clients make massive shifts in their lives.

As a result, they become happier, healthier less stressed, have more balance and deepen their relationship with themselves and others.