About Me

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I'm a strategic intuitive. I combine my business background with my clairvoyance to solve complex problems.
This is what makes me the needle in the haystack. 

Here's What I Think

CHOICE: We all have the option to choose. Intuitively you know when things are right or wrong. If it doesn't feel good, figure out why and change it.
CHANGE: Change is hard. Having the courage to decide it is required is the first step. Asking for help and accountability is the next.
COMMIT: Committing to choosing you and showing up for yourself is when transformation occurs.  It's through discovery, awareness, exploration and release that we allow for growth to take place. We always have the option to choose again. 

My Learning Lead Me Here

Lucky for you, years of curiosity, discovery, pain, learning and seeking have lead me to this very moment in which I can share tools, resources and process to streamline your path making the journey less complicated. 

My Truth: I'm an Intuitive

I have a truth that was something I rarely shared with people but discovered that it's my job to share it. So here it is: I'm an Intuitive. 

I am what they call a Field Worker. I stand in the field and receive messages from source, spirit guides, ancestors, the deceased and guardian angels. My job is simply to report what is being said to the intended recipient without judgement. Much of my work involves me being a conduit for the person I am coaching. Because of this, my clients receive a very personal, unique experience offering clarity, understanding and direction. My job is to show up, hold space and share, your job is to be open, receive and reflect. 

After following my own advice (finally), I found the courage to speak my truth and be seen for who and what I am. I'm a strategic intuitive. I combine my business background with my clairvoyance to solve complex problems. This is what makes me the needle in the haystack. 

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Street Cred

I dance to the beat of my own drum which is what lead me to where I am today. I followed my instincts and continued to seek and explore, determined to find a better fit than what I was told to be and do.

I choose to lead a very interesting and transformative path and continue to explore what it means to live an authentic life.  I am smart, creative and forward thinking. I have achieved some incredible success to date and am proud of the work I have done but am most excited for the work I have yet to do. If you prefer a formal introduction, here you go: 

I'm a certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach with over 10 years experience helping women improve their lives through customized programs and intuitive services. I help my clients make healthier lifestyle choices, reduce stress, increase balance and deepen their relationship with themselves and others. 

With a background working for luxury brands like Tiffany & Co. and Williams-Sonoma as well as my time driving strategic initiatives for the Fortune 1000 at a high growth software company, Iā€™m uniquely equipped to strategically design a plan of action that works best for my clients. I understand service and delivery excellence, extreme demands and creative solutions.