Be Your Best Self

In order to live well, you must be well.
Health and wellness is at the core of what I do.

Health and Wellness Coach

I help people feel their best through customized wellness plans that address their individual needs. I offer 1:1 consultations, group coaching sessions or strategically designed programs to meet specific areas of concern such as gut health, stress management or breaking your sugar addiction. 

Corporate Wellness Programs

I partner with companies of all sizes to implement scalable, adoptable wellness programs to increase employee engagement, participation and well-being while reducing health care costs. Whether an existing  program needs optimization or you are seeking a framework to implement, I can help you achieve success.

Wellness Retreats

Mind - Meditation and sound healing
Body  - Physical activities and healthy, whole foods to fuel your body
Soul - Discover what fuels your soul, make your next  move, start your business or develop your brand.
Join us on our next tropical retreat!