There are a variety of ways we can work together. Whether you need a sounding board, intuitive insights or strategic direction, there's a methodology at the core of everything I do. 



My Programs

I designed my programs to achieve long-term success by addressing small changes over time. These can vary in length from 3 weeks to 6 months and are completely customized based on your individual needs and requirements. I offer a variety of programs:

  • Design Your Life - Move from living in envy to living in joy.

  • Find your Passion, Find Your Purpose - happiness through self discovery

  • Business Building - Turn Passion to Profit

  • Spiritual Mentor - Create more balance and deepen relationships

  • Health, Wellness and Emotional Coach

Business Consulting


Want to be a Digital Nomad or Entrepreneur to take your passion project to business venture? Or maybe you are a small business owner who needs help scaling your business and expanding your reach. I help people identify opportunities based on their skill set and passions then put together a strategic plan to help you launch your venture or scale your current offerings to increase revenue and decrease effort. 

12 weeks // Two 1 hour Sessions Weekly // Assignments + Resources

Health Coaching


Through a series of assessments, together we evaluate and determine what your priorities and goals are. Based on that, I create a customized action plan for long-term success and meet with you weekly in a 50 minute, 1:1 meeting to stay accountable to the plan. My role is to provide strategic direction, resources, assignments and ongoing guidance. 3 or 6 month packages are available. 

Assessments // Goal Planning // Weekly Sessions // Personalized Wellness Plan

Women's Leadership


I bridge the gap between health and success for female Leaders, CEOs, Founders and Entrepreneurs.

I create customized wellness plans specifically for your unique goals, requirements and more importantly, your pace and mindset. I provide customized meal plans for you and your family, I scout restaurants and help navigate airport eating to help you remain on track with your diet even on the go, I help you reach success through self-care, accountability and spirituality. 

6 months // Weekly Sessions // Customized Meal Planning // Travel Support // Personalized Wellness Plan   

Emotional Fitness



This program is designed to deepen self-awareness and increase EQ.

Self-awareness is the key to work/life balance and improved relationships. I design customized programs that address cognitive distortions, saboteurs and root causes of issues to help them move forward in a more fulfilling and authentic way.

16 weeks // 1 hour Sessions Weekly // Assignments

Digital Wellness


It's time to take control of our relationships with our devices and social media. 

Social media uses addictive strategies The illusions portrayed on social media are causing increased cases of depression, FOMO and envy. Social media is a highly curated view of someone’s very messy, authentic world. After a 10 year career in social media, I have seen the impacts and toll it is taking on our health and have designed a program specifically to address life comparisons and other disillusions. The results? Regained balance, renewed joy and control of their lives.

12 weeks // 1 hour Sessions Weekly // Assignments