Get Healthy. Be Happy. 

Jacyn helped me create a clear, concise, manageable plan to get me on the right track. Her encouragement and meeting me where I am, without judgement, motivated me to finally have balance in my life. I felt completely understood and cheered on by Jacyn. She’s a joy!!
— Jennifer M.

About Health Coaching

What Is a Health Coach? 

A health coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who works with clients to help them feel their best through food, lifestyle changes and tailored individualized wellness programs.

Personalized Health and Wellness Coaching

I create a customized program to help you identify and prioritize your needs then design an adoptable action plan to accomplish your personal goals. We meet once a week in person or remotely to review your progress. You will receive action items and resources each week to make strides towards achieving your goals during the program. I offer 1:1 coaching sessions or group sessions to help clients achieve your goals. 

Jacyn has been an invaluable influence and motivator throughout my fitness journey! She possesses a great deal of knowledge, which helped tremendously when I had to transition to a strict diet as part of a gym challenge. Having her in my corner contributed to both my success in completing the challenge, and in developing healthy and SUSTAINABLE eating habits.
— Kathey B.

You are no stranger to success.

When it comes to your health, you need a trust and accountability. 

Jacyn’s been an essential part of my journey to find my healthiest version of me. She heard everything that was a concern for me and has helped guide me to a happier and healthier me. I recommend her to anyone looking for a better well being. Her energy is like no other. Amazing young woman!
— Shannon M.

My Philosophy

I believe that each person has unique food and lifestyle needs which is why diets don't work for everyone.

  • When you cannot be accountable to yourself, I am here to help you achieve success.

  • When you need direction, I am here to guide you personally and professionally.

  • When you need to make your life easier, I can assist with resources and meal planning.

Together, we evaluate your needs, determine areas of focus, make a plan and put it in motion so that you can achieve your goals and live your best life. 


How My Program Works

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Assessment of Current State, Needs and Goals

Through detailed assessment, I gather information and details about your health history and current state to provide me with the content required to provide you with a very personalized experience.  

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Design Customized Plan and Action Steps

Using the results of the assessments and initial consultations, I design a detailed plan of action around your goals and personal needs using my expertise and your input to easily implement and adopt for long-term success. 

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1:1 Ongoing Support and Accountability

We meet once a week (remotely or in person when possible) for 50 minutes to discuss your progress, obstacles, impacts and needs. I provide ongoing resources and suggestions for you to get the most out of your personalized plan and continually optimize as we continue to meet your needs.

It's Time To Commit To Your Health

It's Time For You

You deserve to prioritize your health. When you are out of balance, everything is harder resulting in lost energy and productivity. When you are at your best, you feel better, look better, perform better and smile more. #WorthIt

Work - Life Balance

Balance between work and play is tricky to achieve when we are always connected. Having someone help you evaluate your situation, understand your ideal state, create goals and make recommendations can provide valuable insight to achieve balance. 

Change is Hard

Making lifestyle changes is not for the weak. It takes attention, dedication, research and time. I am here to take the strain out of getting healthier by shouldering the load for you. I dedicate the time, attention and research into finding the right solutions for you. You commit to telling me what makes sense for you, your priorities and what changes are realistic.  I create adoptable programs to give you a specific plan based on your personal requirements and will be there every step of the way to make sure you are on track to meet your goals.

Having a hard time making time for your health? That Was Me

After working for one of the fastest growing startups in the country, I struggled with organizing my day to prioritize my needs. I would push exercise and meal planning to the back burner often grabbing take out or delivery. I also traveled 70% of the time which meant my sleep and eating patterns were disrupted. The result? I gained weight, lost sleep, was dehydrated, felt terrible and lost energy. 

I Get It and Can Help You

I understand the grind. Whether you are building a company, supporting one, managing a family or maybe even all of the above. I can help you. I also understand how to manage it and can coach you through to get you on track to a balanced, healthy lifestyle where you will look and feel better. Everyone could use someone to be accountable to while making various transitions in life especially when it comes to health and wellness. Having someone to check in with, ask questions and get coaching from is critical to success.  

Health Coaching Packages

Determine which timeline is right for you. Both packages include the following: 

  • Health History Assessment

  • Circle of Life Assessment

  • Customized Action Plan for Long-Term Success

  • Weekly 1:1 meeting (50 minutes)

  • Resources and Assignments

  • Ongoing Guidance and Accountability

What is this program? This 12 week program include a detailed action plan based on your goals and requirements to focus on additional areas of impact. 
Who is this program for? This program is designed for women seeking personalized guidance and support for short-term goals or need a kick start to get into the rhythm and can manage it ongoing. 
Requirements: Individuals who can commit to a one change a week and can dedicate 1-2 hours per week for our 1:1 meeting and assignments. 
What does it cost? The 3 Month Program is $3,600

What is this program? This 24 week program takes a detailed look into all impacts found in your  assessment and addresses them over a 6 month period. We do a deep dive into all areas of wellness and design a detailed action plan based on your goals and requirements. 
Who is this program for? The 24 week program is designed for people who have tried other programs in the past or have larger goals in mind and want to work toward success at a more adoptable pace.
Requirements: Individuals who can commit to a one change a month and can dedicate 1-2 hours per week for our 1:1 meeting and assignments. 
What does it cost? The 6 Month Program is $5,999