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Exclusive access for Healthie partners and individual practitioners who want to better understand digital marketing and social media to increase brand awareness and drive revenue.

I offer a three-part solution to help you design a strategic social media plan for your business to:

  • Help build brand awareness
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Strategies on how to convert leads to clients
I have hired Jacyn a number of times to help me brainstorm my social media marketing strategies. She has a no nonsense approach and is incredibly results oriented. She thinks outside the box and is always on the cusp of the newest thing in social media strategies. She has proven to be a great resource for growing my reach on my social channels.
— Sarah Liller, Sarah Liller San Francisco
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Three-Part Solution Customized For Practitioners

I have designed a three-part consultation series to help you get started with your social media program or optimize your current program by providing you with guidance, resources and adoptable processes, specifically for small teams and entrepreneurs, that leverage strategies used by Fortune 500 companies.

Typically, these courses would be offered online only; however, for fellow health practitioners and healers, I wanted to provide additional support by providing 1:1 advising. The sessions below will be live and offer the opportunity to tailor the experience to your specific business needs.  Click here to learn more about Jacyn on LinkedIn or here to visit the About section

About The Sessions

Each remote 1:1 session is 50 minutes long with associated homework to complete for the next session's meeting. Prior to Session One, we will schedule a 30-minute introductory call to discuss your business and get your sessions scheduled.

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Designing Your Program

What are you going to do? Why a social media plan important, how to create SMART goals for your social program, what is a company voice and tips for defining yours, what is a persona and how you create one.


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Channels and Audience

Where you are going to do it and to whom? How various social media channels are used, which channels speak to which audiences, defining your audience and tools to use to target those audiences. 


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Message and Content

What are you going to say and how often? What is a campaign, how to determine the best campaigns for your program, types of content you can leverage, posting cadence and a content calendar. 

Get Started Today! 

Order your discounted sessions today and we can begin building your strategic program. Each remote 1:1 session is 50 minutes long with associated homework for you to complete for the next session's meeting. We will schedule a 30 minute introductory call to discuss your business and get your sessions scheduled.

Healthie Social Media Sessions
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Three 1:1 consultation sessions to strategically plan and get your social media program up and running. Resources and applicable templates provided. Discounted price reflected here is for Healthie partners and practicioners only. 

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What Others Are Saying

Jacyn is such a delight. She is smart, creative, flexible, fun to work with and she has the best attitude. Jacyn is highly professional and you can count on her to get the job done and get it done well. She knows her audience and develops content that is not only very engaging, it’s SEO friendly. It would be a true delight to work with her again.
— Jen P., Banjo
Jacyn Siebert is a superb, upbeat, confident woman and produces the end result you want. She has been extremely helpful and available to me whenever I had questions and is also very responsive in a positive manner whenever I had suggestions. She is GREAT to work with and I would highly recommend her and her services to everyone! She is AMAZING!!!
— Christina M., Groom Salon
Jacyn is an incredibly insightful and smart person. She has helped me come up with online marketing strategies that work for my business and truly reflect my brand story and message. She is a visionary and an asset to anything she touches.
— Sarah L., SLSF
Jacyn identified an opportunity for leveraging influencer marketing and used her social influence to help attract local fashion bloggers and press to attend and write about the event. As a value add, she provided them with sample social posts and SEO friendly copy that was mutually beneficial and would help with their inbound marketing.
— Enrico B., TL Holdings
Jacyn was such a true professional. Very adept at social media and marketing. She went way above and beyond to help our local government agency. We would definitely hire her again...and we will!
— Lois C., Personal Best