Health Coach FAQs


What is a Health Coach and What Does She Do?

A health coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who works with clients to help them feel their best.  By assessing and identifying my client's needs, I address them with a tailored, individualized wellness program that focuses on their priorities and provides proven results.

What Does Bioindividuality Mean? 

Bioindividuality means that you are assessed as an individual. There is only one you and your needs are as unique as your DNA make up. From conception to this present moment, you have had scenarios in your life that are unique to you and directly impacting your overall well being. As a health coach, I recognize this and will take this into account when I am creating your customized plan. 

Do I Have to Do a Program?

No, you can hire me on an hourly basis for any number of sessions you desire. My rate is $250/hr. and a day rate of $2,000. I designed programs to create economies of scale for folks.