The Shift



My mission is to be an example of courage, exploration and liberation. In the process, I hope to increase the vibration of the planet by inspiring and impacting as many humans as possible through awareness and self-discovery so they can increase their own vibration and pay it forward.


I’m a mentor, a light and a resource. I meet you where you are without judgement or assumptions. My intention is to liberate you through deep self-awareness and emotional mastery.


The Love Revolution is an academy specifically for soul-seekers and game changers. This is my ultimate mission. To educate and transform lives through looking at the things that need healing and address them. I created this as a way to reduce the pain many of my clients, friends and family had in common. Let’s face it, we all have pain and we all long for it to go away. I created this academy to help people elevate their lives by moving through their pain so they can go from living in envy to living in joy. It’s revolutionary and transformative. Join the [LOVE] Revolution today.