I am a guide, a mentor, a light and a resource. I provide a safe and supporting space for people to achieve transformation emotionally, physically and spiritually. I meet you where you are without judgement or assumptions. My intention is to help liberate you through self-discovery and awareness to regain balance and increase your joy.


I help my clients strategically transform their lives spiritually, mentally and emotionally to better connect with themselves and others for deeper, more authentic relationships and experiences in their personal and professional lives. My methodology takes participants through a journey of self-discovery and understanding to become aware of and articulate their needs, desires and requirements so every decision they make going forward, comes from a place of authenticity.


I also work closely with entrepreneurs, change-makers, influencers and light workers to transform their businesses and advance their practice to reach more people, create greater impact and to serve their higher purpose in a more profound way by providing strategy models and coaching for sales, digital marketing and product or service packaging.