In addition to my programs, I offer intuitive services that offer what you need to know when you need to know it. 



Deep Insight // Intimate Understanding // Clarity and Direction

I offer 1-3 day intensive coaching sessions where we focus on a specific area such as deep healing, personal relationships or career direction. Together we do a deep dive into what the issue is and how to address it. These are especially helpful if you have a pressing issue that is time sensitive or heart sensitive. *Intensives are done onsite for approximately 5-8 hours a day and if travel outside of my regional area is required, that is an additional cost. 

I can’t say more about how amazing Jacyn is and how much she has helped me on my journey of life! She is one of the greatest mentors and coaches I’ve encountered, and is a true blessing. If you are need of any kind of guidance, THIS IS YOUR GAL
— Bethany. R

Vision Mapping Workshops

Unbiased Direction // Pivotal Insights // Needs Prioritization

When we come to a place were we are seeking unbiased direction, it helps to have tools that help extract our subconscious needs and desires to get a deeper understanding of self. This is especially critical when searching for personal direction or exploring a new career. During my workshops, I guide attendees through a visual stimulation process to uncover these truths and help them prioritize each so their time and energy is optimally spent. This workshop is conducted in person and runs for approximately 4-5 hours.  

Vision Mapping with Jacyn was an illuminating experience. I really enjoyed the creative aspects of it, and appreciated time to relax, reflect, and be inspired. The insights that came towards the end of the process were unexpected and pivotal. The entire experience was very enjoyable and I highly recommend this process to anyone wanting to get a clearer sense of themselves and their path in life.
— Carrie A.

Card Readings

Intuitive Messages // Perspective // Support // Healing

Angel and Oracle cards provide insights and guidance for those needing clarity, support or answers to questions. I am an intuitive medium and conduit for messages from your spirit guides, ascended masters, guardian angels or those who have passed. I work specifically with the following decks:

  • Work Your Light Oracle

  • Wisdom of the Oracle

  • Wild Quan Yin

  • Angel Therapy Oracle

  • Wisdom for Healing and Empowerment

If you are seeking guidance, clarity or direction, schedule a one hour card reading. Readings are conducted remotely via telephone. 

If ever you need guidance, [Jacyn] is gold. She dials in, listens and provides a global perspective for you. Sometimes you need a little help being pulled out and Jacyn is that light and lens that helps.
— Shifali E.


Meal Planning

Healthy // Diet Specific // Completely Customized

Customized meal planning that is health conscious and takes into account your personal preferences and any dietary restrictions. I provide a convenient, hassle-free meal planning service delivered directly to your inbox on a weekly basis. It includes 5 weeknight meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less plus a shopping list, prep tips and modification suggestions.