Hello beautiful soul! We are so excited you are here!

Get ready to immerse yourself into one of your most expansive experiences yet in the beautiful healing vortex of Sedona, AZ. Nicole and I will be guiding you through a 3-day immersion focusing on emotional support, relief and advancement through self discovery, perception reframing and reconnection to your inner self and higher wisdom. You will walk away from this retreat reconnected and have a deeper understanding of self, clarity on your needs and the tools and tactics to continue this transformational healing work at home and at work. You will feel more grounded, confident and assured.

Upcoming Retreat: Sedona, AZ - March 7-11, 2019

📸: http://edition.cnn.com/2011/TRAVEL/06/21/sedona.skeptic/index.html⁣⁣

📸: http://edition.cnn.com/2011/TRAVEL/06/21/sedona.skeptic/index.html⁣⁣

We are creating an very intimate, safe space to connect with other like-minded souls seeking emotional support, relief and advancement. Our intention is to provide a very catered-to and pampered experience where you can relax and connect with nature, yourself and each other to co-create magic!  

We are going to take you through a process of self discovery for deeper understanding and knowing of needs, desires and requirements, help you identify  blocks to success and create a plan to overcome them, release trapped emotion through meditative bodywork and intuitive guidance, coaching on how to articulate your needs and a ceremonial celebration to introduce the transformed woman that you will become as a result.

You will feel lighter, more at peace, heard, honored, loved and supported. You will have tools and tactics to use in everyday practice to continue the advancement and momentum from the retreat and to support, every participant gets 4 weeks of post retreat coaching to help acclimate them back into “the real world” post retreat.

Emotional retreat Sedona AZ


Arrive to the gorgeous blue skies and healing warm breezes of the magical red rock land of Sedona, Arizona. Meet an exceptional curation of like minded souls who are seeking personal healing and advancement for a relaxing yet stimulating gathering.

We chose this magical location to allow everyone to connect to themselves in a deeper, more profound way. As one of the world’s healing vortexes, Sedona offers additional transformational power by accelerating healing and clearing. We will be taking you to Cathedral Rock to not only connect with the earth but feel the transformative healing sensations from this magnetic vortex. Known as a “womb with a view”, you will feel the power of the feminine yin energy nurture your healing journey as you focus on contemplation, meditation and reflection work.


Often times we ourselves and make a million excuses why everyone and everything should come before us. We have been trained, especially as women, to put everyone before us. In order to fully show up for others we must first show up for ourselves. This requires you to fill your cup, put your oxygen mask on first, take the time that you need to do the inner work that is asking for completion and dedicated time. Now is your time for you. Here are a few of the many benefits you will receive fro this journey.

Deepen relationships to yourself and others

  • Understanding yourself and identifying patterns and triggers helps provide you with the context you need in order to advance past the fear or pain that holds you back from fully stepping into your power and expressing your needs.

Understand yourself in a deep and profound way

  • Feeling disconnected or uninspired? When you are able to identify what drives you, what your core needs are and what you require, you are able to show up more fully, wholly and authentically both personally and professionally.

Time to think and reflect

  • Often times we do not give ourselves permission to take time to think. Whether it is daydreaming, manifesting or reflection thinking, we all need a moment of pause to regroup and intentionally connect to ourselves and our needs to recalibrate.

Tools and Tactics

  • You will leave this retreat with an entirely new or advanced set of skills and tools to continue the healing momentum for years to come. Each participant will also receive 4 weeks of coaching post retreat to help you implement and adopt your new skills and offer additional support and ongoing community connection.

4 Weeks of Ongoing Group Coaching

  • In order to continue the momentum from this magical retreat, we are including 4 weeks of group coaching to help you acclimate back into your day-to-day life and apply what you have learned to your everyday practice. Often times people lose momentum after they return home from a retreat because other priorities come up and old patterns take over. As a way of furthering your work at the retreat, we are going to be there to support you afterwards as well to successfully apply what you learned to your everyday life. ($600 value)


  • Nourishing soul food that will help you ground into the space and open your heart chakra

  • Deep spiritual connection at a mind, body and soul level

  • Time for reflection and relaxation, quiet

  • Connection to nature and one of the most healing vortexes on the planet.

  • Transformative, life-enhancing coaching for personal advancement

  • Optional daily meditations and nature hikes

  • Plenty of Instagram Photo opportunities :)

  • New friendships and opportunities for co-creating magic


Sacred Circle:

This work is exceptionally powerful and transformational. Here are the intentions and expectations.

Our intention is to provide a safe space for people to explore the depths of their hearts. What comes with this is the gift of release and deep healing. Therefore, all participants are required to participate in complete confidentiality and allowing. Allowing each participant to share, express, feel and explore their own emotions in their own process. During this extremely supportive process, we engage in open dialog and if feedback is asked for, we provide it from a place of compassion. Although judgement may creep up, we ask that all participants remain open, compassionate and mindful that each of us is on our own journey and we need to honor where each of us are in the process.


This is what you create. When you release blocked emotions and heal your body at a cellular level, you create space for what is to come. You make room for more space to love deeper, create more expansively, focus on your priorities, manage your time and energy in a productive and effective way while increasing your joy by the second! You are creating magic, pure magic,  by committing to doing the deep work it takes to heal old wounds and move into a place of personal empowerment.

Everything leads back to love and this retreat will empower you to explore the greatest love of all; self-love and acceptance.


Early Bird Special $1,800 
Non-refundable deposit of $1,100 to hold your space hold your space due by December 31, 2019 with remaining balance of $700 due February 1, 2019. 
Spacing is limited! 

Regular Price $2,200 
Non-refundable deposit of $1,100 due to hold your space. Second Payment of $1,100 due February 1st, 2019.
Spacing is limited!

Airport Transportation, Meals, Housing, Training are all included in the cost.

NOTE: Nicole’s organization, Beautiful Souls Mission, is a Spiritual Center for Creativity, World Peace and Wholeness. They are a 508(c)(1)(a) non-profit, tax exempt, Faith Based Organization. Which means your retreat could be a tax write off.

Secure your spot today by sending your deposit through on PayPal (Friends and Family option please) to my cell at (619) 952-5825.