Q's About Social Media

I'm just starting out. Can you still  help me?

YES! Yes! Yes! Whether you are a one person team or have support, I can help you with social media basics and help you get started. 

I Need to Optimize What I Currently Have

Perfect. I will review your current program and make recommendations to optimize. Together, we can determine where and what needs tweaking to achieve the goals you want to accomplish. 

What is a Social Media Program? 

A social media program is a plan with measurements associated with it. Together, we identify your business goals and supporting objectives then determine how social media content can support. We assign metrics to each for you to continually monitor your progress towards your goals. Partnering with you to identify and define your business goals and objectives for your social program will inform how your program is developed and executed. 

Do I Need a Social Media Program?

Every business needs a plan. Program development is a fancy way of saying you have a plan and can show a return on your investment. Putting a program in place provides you with visibility, consistency, guardrails and guidelines so you can plan for future promotions, special dates etc. and become more proactive with your content . 

Developing Your Social Media Program

From idea to execution, I will help you determine what the best course of action when defining and developing your social media program. I can help your team define your objectives, identify your strategy, define your content pillars, content cadence, success criteria and metrics to measure them against.

Determining a Channel Strategy 

Now you have your program outlined, what do you do with it? I can assist your team with determining the right social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.) to leverage and technology needed to support your business objectives. Together we will establish key performance indicators for each channel and success metrics for each so you have a way to measure success by channel.

What Is a Content Strategy?

I can help you define the content narrative, establish voice and curation strategy. Based on the defined business goals and objectives, I will advise on the direction of your content to help achieve them. 

Identifying Content Opportunities 

Providing timely, relevant, valuable content to your target market is a great way to build on the established relationship or create new ones. Consumers seek information across multiple platforms and devices often simultaneously. I help you determine what content would resonate best with your audience and the delivery format such as written blog posts, video, micro-content, podcasts etc. 

Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar, also known as an editorial calendar, is a calendar of what to post, when and by whom. It  keeps messaging consistent across all departments or team members and allows for you to prepare for upcoming promotions, marketing and product launches. I can work with you or your staff to develop a cohesive calendar, assign roles and responsibilities with your internal teams.

Implementation Strategy

For larger sized companies, I can advise on your implementation strategy for both your internal and external audiences to provide governance, consistency and brand compliance.