Health Coaching

"Jacyn is an amazing health coach. She works around my constraints (busy schedule, work events, love of good wine) and finds ways to weave healthy eating and exercise into my time. I especially appreciate her food program. While I love to cook, meal planning and grocery shopping aren't enjoyable or a great use of my time. I was using Blue Apron and other meal services, but I didn't like the packaging and sometimes the meals weren't very healthy. Jacyn replaced those services by planning healthy, family-friendly meals and adding ingredients to my grocery service. All I have to do is review the order, add any household items I need, and schedule delivery. Jacyn's coaching and food program have given me focus and helped to maximize my time." - Kristen H.

“I've been struggling with food sensitivity for years, and I was never able to find someone that had as much patience and creativity in approach as Jacyn. To this day, I've found a new appreciation for eating a healthy breakfast (overnight oats, who knew!). All of Jacyn's recommendations were actually tangible and fit into my lifestyle. More than that, Jacyn was incredibly supportive and kind. I would recommend her to anyone looking to find ways to make healthy lifestyle changes. The time I spent with Jacyn as my wellness coach has already had a tremendous impact on my life!” - Geeta S.

"I spend a lot of my time "being of service" to others and I can lose focus on me. I have become much more grounded this last year but Jacyn guided me though some key questions in a particular area that led to some critical insights. That was followed up with some tools. I was challenged but she knew I ready for it." - Leslie D.

Business Consulting

“Jacyn has an acute sense of priority, comprehending not only what is urgent, but also that which is important. Ascertaining the optimum balance of these two weighting factors is a rare skill.” - Joseph S.

“Jacyn is hands-down one of the most earnestly positive, happy and professional people I've ever worked with. She is a true pleasure to partner with and her outlook and demeanor in the face of a challenge is infectious.” - Andrew dG.

“Jacyn is a shining example of collaboration and has gone above and beyond to help not only her own team, but even many on my team. In a world where it is sometimes easy to give a "yes" to someone in order to move through a difficult situation, Jacyn is more likely to be analytical and provide detailed solutions that both resolve client needs and keep [the company] and her team's best interest in mind. - Amy S.

Emotional Wellness

"Jacyn’s been an essential part of my journey to find my healthiest version of me. She heard everything that was a concern for me and has helped guide me to a happier and healthier me. I recommend her to anyone looking for a better well being. Her energy is like no other. Amazing young woman!" - Shannon M. 

“If ever you need guidance, [Jacyn] is gold. She dials in, listens and provides a global perspective for you. Sometimes you need a little help being pulled out and Jacyn is that light and lens that helps.” - Shifali E. 

Intensives and Workshops

"Vision Mapping with Jacyn was an illuminating experience. I really enjoyed the creative aspects of it, and appreciated time to relax, reflect, and be inspired. The insights that came towards the end of the process were unexpected and pivotal. The entire experience was very enjoyable and I highly recommend this process to anyone wanting to get a clearer sense of themselves and their path in life."  - Carrie A.

"Each year I choose a one word mantra to focus on. For 2018, it’s alignment. Alignment with energy, people, big fucking ideas. In order to properly maximize my potential in aligning with the external, I must understand and align with my internal. Cue my spiritual chiropractor, Jacyn Siebert . This past weekend, we worked intensively on what the fuck that means. Today I step into my freedom, power and leisure. 💜" - Marie A. 

"I can’t say more about how amazing Jacyn is and how much she has helped me on my journey of life! She is one of the greatest mentors and coaches I’ve encountered, and is a true blessing. If you are need of any kind of guidance, THIS IS YOUR GAL!" - Bethany R.